Care for Struggling Families

When you love someone who is unwell with mental health and addictions, Maureen can help you:

  • stop worrying
  • find effective resources for the one you love so you can focus on getting YOUR life back
  • set effective boundaries
  • communicate effectively
  • ensure that you’re helping and not hurting

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She's Been Through It

Maureen on the Reframe Your Life Podcast:
When Mental Health Issues Hit Home

"This week our focus is on mental health. Our guest, Maureen Towns, shares her painful story of the journey she found herself on when three of her children began to exhibit mental health issues in their teens. Maureen dealt with a mother’s worst fears for her children. Maureen saw her children struggle with addictions, homelessness, and self-harming behaviours. She witnessed one of her sons having a psychotic break. It took several years to get her children diagnosed and to start getting the help they all needed."

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Maureen Towns

I am passionate about helping families who are experiencing seriously difficult times. The concept of resilience, which can be thought of as a rubber band and it’s ability to return to shape after being stretched has always been an area of interest to me. There is a building and re-building that happens when we face challenges in our lives. It is powerful and healing to talk to someone who has been through what we are experiencing and who has come out the other side.

Coming from an abusive and alcoholic home, raising kids with alcoholism and mental health issues, and then deciding to leave a marriage that no longer felt healthy for me (even though, yes, he is a good man) I have learned a lot about the concept of bouncing back, freedom, detaching, self care, communication, setting boundaries, assertive communication, and my own innate values that drive everything that I do. I believe that my life is meant to be of service to others who are struggling, and that those struggles, while overwhelming, are a gift that can lead each of us to a new, more authentic way of living.

I have worked as a nurse in public and private health care in Ontario and Alberta. My experience as a nurse has equipped me with the advocacy skills required to navigate complex systems. I am fascinated by the human spirit and have a special place in my heart for families who are struggling to find care for those that they love, and to re-discover themselves within chaotic and difficult situations.

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  • A. C. / Calgary, AB
    Maureen, I want to sincerely thank you - from the bottom of my heart - for all of the incredible support and guidance you've shared with me over the past two months. While this has been a very challenging year for me, meeting you and being invited into your group program is definitely a highlight of my year. You have been absolutely instrumental in helping me to change how I feel about my situation for the better, and have enabled me to approach these challenging issues with a fresh and confident lens. I will be forever grateful for the steady foundation that you have shown me in the face of such uncertain terrain.
    A. C. / Calgary, AB
  • L. D. / Calgary, AB

    Before I joined Maureen in her program, I sabotaged my self worth, blamed myself for the way my children made decisions, and continually tried to help them by fixing them. I felt trapped, and burdened with guilt and I started to avoid my children.

    After the program, I feel more equipped and confident that that I have a path for both them and for me. I have released myself of a huge burden and communication with one of my children has opened up which is allowing myself to have a relationship with my granddaughter. I have some balance back and know how to support my kids and also fulfill my own life.

    I would highly recommend Maureen Towns to anyone whose children have issues with mental health and addiction, and who want to learn how to re-claim their lives. I was nervous, but each session, I felt thankful that I had enrolled. I was not alone.

    L. D. / Calgary, AB
  • M. D. / Calgary, AB
    I came to Maureen’s program with fair amount of knowledge from many other sources. What I really needed was help to apply that knowledge… especially in the heat of the moment. I learned a ton from Maureen’s real-life examples and the excellent tools and resources she provided. The opportunities she created for participants to model using the tools were invaluable. I’d recommend Maureen’s class, especially for those who are in the early stages of understanding mental illness and addiction.
    M. D. / Calgary, AB
  • T. L. / Calgary, AB
    I wanted to obtain more clarity and learn how to effectively give the right energy to the important relationships in my life. Maureen taught me how to be supportive without becoming consumed. She is very knowledgeable and was very effective. She is professional, non-biased, an effective communicator and leader and has a warm personality which makes her easy to talk to.
    T. L. / Calgary, AB
  • C. / Victoria, BC
    Maureen took the time to meet with me and get to know me, learned about my values, motivations and how I develop relationships with others. She spent time asking wonderful, meaningful questions to allow me to come to a place where I could make better decisions for myself. Maureen has a keen sense of intuition and the gift of clearly seeing paths of opportunity for people where they may not see them on their own. She is an enthusiastic mentor and uses her keen sense of humour to bring fun and laughter to conversations that could otherwise be very difficult.
    C. / Victoria, BC
  • Conference Feedback

    ~ Great presentation. Love the interaction with the audience. Inspired me to be more open-minded and not pre-judge. Amazing energy.

    ~ It's good to have someone articulate what we...are experiencing!! Lots of good quotes to take to the future. Great presentation!

    ~ Keep the humour rolling! Key questions were so helpful in changing my perspective, and in a gentle way.

    ~ It is important to engage your audience, which you did right from the get go! I like your energy. It was excellent.

    ~ LOVED IT - you are fun and engaging. You are very passionate which is inspiring - Thank You!

    Conference Feedback