Broken Open

You imagined the perfect life for your child. But mental illness had other plans.

In Broken Open, parenting and family consultant Maureen Towns shares her journey through her teenage kids’ mental health and addiction issues to help parents find freedom in chaos. With this guide, you can empower your children to reclaim their lives without losing yourself in the process.

You’ll discover:

  • How to find the right therapy, treatment, and facility your teen needs for recovery.
  • Six steps to recognize and stop codependent parenting tendencies.
  • Why validation is the key to stronger relationships with your children.
  • Nine ways to develop compassionate boundaries that work for everyone.
  • How to manage anxiety with self-care strategies so you can parent with clarity.

Filled with rich true stories from a mother who fought to put her family on a sober path, Broken Open is your path back to calm. If you’re losing yourself while supporting a struggling child, buy Broken Open.