Thank you for being my guest on the Broken Open Podcast!

Helpful Information

The podcast is unscripted, with the exception of the question, “Tell me about a time that you experienced adversity that in hindsight was a real gift.” This is really the theme of the podcast – and I do like to explore the topic with my guests.

Please be prepared to have the video on. I record the video version of our call for YouTube, and an audio version that will be released on several platforms including Spotify and Anchor. I can let you know the date your podcast will be released when we record. I will post notifications on my social media when your episode is released, and I ask that you share to links to the podcast to all of your contacts as well. Spread the word!

Join me on Zoom (room ID 818-739-7097) at the booked time. We'll have a brief chat, then start recording, stop recording and then chat briefly before ending the call.

Try to relax – it’s not live. If you want to edit out something before we publish your episode we can do that. Don’t worry too much about how you sound.

The audio tends to be better if you have a microphone. Please use one if you have it – even the ones attached to headphones tend to give better sound than your computer mic. We record for about an hour – sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more.

Things you’ll need to do:

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